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My handcrafted, rectangular, wooden, white, statement ring is, inspired by a love of retro games, pastimes and jewellery.

I have repurposed a toy domino block and enhanced it with a large, round, coloured, glass cabochon.

My rings are lightweight and come in 12 different colours, which can complement a variety of outfits.

My rings can be worn in the day, in the evening, at a wedding or on the beach.

My rings can add a fragment of colour to a white or black based wardrobe.

My rings can act as a contrast to a coloured attire, which can create a vivid and energizing effect.

All my jewellery is repurposed and handmade and therefore it may contain small imperfections or differences between the materials used in the photo. This is part of the creative process and adds to the uniqueness of each piece.

Extra details: 1 X 25mm Silver Plated Adjustable Rectangle Cabochon Setting Ring Blank Large Coloured Glass Cabochon Coloured Wooden Block

All my rings come gift wrapped in tissue paper, in a small gift box and in a bubble wrap envelope.

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Gift , Present , Ring , Summer Ring , Retro Ring , Recycled Ring , White Ring , Wood Ring , Wooden Ring , Rectangle Ring , Festival Ring , Hippy Ring , Statement Ring