About Me

Handmade jewellery inspired by the past

After working in a school teaching children with special needs for over 20 years, I have chosen to become a Tutor as I want to spend my experience, knowledge and understanding on supporting children, as opposed to pleasing and lining the pockets of the shareholders. Therefore, I have also given myself time to spend on supporting my own health and wellbeing. This started by publishing a couple of poetry books (Alcoholism (Life from the other side) and Depression (Observations from the inside and outside). It has now evolved into using my creative side by focusing on making handmade jewellery.

My range of jewellery is inspired by a love of retro games, pastimes and memories of growing up. Therefore I can get inspired by all sorts of wonderful things. The most recent being - wooden lace bobbins and Christmas tree decorations.

Made from Wood

My range of rectangular, wooden, coloured jewellery, are all made from repurposed toy domino blocks, enhanced with small, round, coloured, glass cabochons. These come in a variety of shades of the 12 colours offered, so don't be upset if it is slightly brighter or duller than the picture (only slightly). There may also by differences in the patterns of the cabochons, depending on the levels of stock, although the base colour will always be the same. Something different to celebrate a 5th wedding anniversary.

Made from Metal

My range of silver coloured, domino jewellery, are made from repurposed aluminium/ steel brushed lightweight dominoes. These have been embellished to turn them into jewellery pieces. Something different to celebrate a 10th wedding anniversary.

Made from Dominoes

My range of pendant necklaces repurposed from different types of dominoes, scavenged and given a new lease of life from various fairs, fetes, antique and charity shops.

All my jewellery is repurposed and handmade, therefore it may contain small imperfections or slight differences from the images provided. This is part of the creative process and adds to the uniqueness of each individual piece.

All my jewellery come gift wrapped in tissue paper, in a small gift box/ bag and in a bubble wrap envelope.